If things haven’t worked out the way you planed it, the home may have to be sold so you two can go your own way. Selling a home in a situation of a separation may have some factors that may make the process a little trickier. There is the common interest of getting maximum market value, but there may be more discussion needed in all other matters such as; final selling price, when the home should be on the market, showings, possession date, what is included in price, state of the home and preparations for market, what to do if one wants to keep the house. There are many issues that may require tactful discussion and negotiations. In many cases it’s not an issue, but in some, it can get complicated. As a realtor in these situations I have a have an obligation to fully disclose any pertinent information about the home, market evaluation, viewings, feedback, recommendations and progress to the homeowners. I have an additional commitment to remaining neutral through the process, disagreements between the homeowners within the process of selling the home may come up, it is my responsibility to tactfully work through these issues with impartiality. Anything said in confidence remains in confidence. Situations like these come up from time to time, and, in my experience, it will work out.