One of the primary concerns in moving from your starter home to a larger home is the financing. It’s likely that you will have to sell the home you’re in before you can buy another home, just because the banks say so. Unless you qualify to carry the total amount of both mortgages the bank won’t lend you the money.  So, the question of buy first or sell first is usually made for you. But, to move up, you will want to do all your homework before you put your home on the market. First look at your valuation on your home and calculate what you expect to net. Speak to your bank and see if there is restriction on porting your mortgage and requalify. Then you have your budget. See homes, enough homes that you feel you have a good grasp on where you want to be and what you can expect for your purchase. Get your home ready for the market such that you will be able to squeeze every dollar out the market that your home will garner.  Call me to talk about some of the details, and perhaps check out your moving options.


house moving up