Downsizing is I expect the most difficult move. Moving from what has been the family home for the last 20-30 + years. The hard part is that the prospect of selling the home can always start tomorrow. The other issue is that in some cases there is also 20-30 + years of stuff in the basement, garage and through the home, much of it is far too good to get rid of and not near good enough to keep. Three suggestions when it comes to downsizing, first, move to something. Look at the possibilities of where y9ou want to create the next chapter of life.  A condo, inner city, new community, possibility a new city, Vancouver Island. It easier to get going if you have something to look forward to.  Next is the stuff, ask the family to start collecting what is there’s and see if they have dibs on anything that won’t fit onto the smaller home. Then pack a box a week, get some stuff to donation or have a garage sale. Also, economics may play a role, ask a realtor to calculate what the market value is on your home and what’s is the cost on properties that look interesting. It may be a 2-3-year project but get a realtor that will show you the possibilities get you some numbers and be around where you’re ready to go.