doug baxter portrait

I was born and raised in inner-city Calgary, and still live there with my family and small dog. I first got into real estate with my father, who collaborated on a few investment properties. In 1987 I became a realtor, and have enjoyed the industry ever since. "I appreciate meeting new people, I enjoy the architecture in a well-designed home and I really like building things”, it’s a good fit for me. In my years of real estate, I have participated in commercial real estate transactions, condominium-conversions, commercial and residential leasing, condominium sales, collaborated with residential builders, residential land development and facilitated buying and selling of hundreds of residential homes.

Educated at the U of C in General Studies, studied further at the University of Victoria in Science, then at the University of British Columbia, Regent graduating with a Masters’ degree in Theology. Additionally, I hold a technical diploma in Architecture from SAIT and am certified by NRCan as a Residential Energy Advisor. For over twenty years I’ve taught Meditation. Generally, educated enough to be interesting at any type of party.

client map calgary

A map of sites in Calgary where I have represented my clients